August 20, 2010

Israel, the U.S. and the Arab World

Troubled Days Ahead for the Middle East and America

By Don Koenig, The Prophetic Years
August 17, 2010

There are troubled days ahead for the Middle East and America. It is not like this nation really deserves anything less. The Marxists could never have taken over our educational system, the media, our government and even many of our churches if those that call themselves Christians in this nation really believed, lived a Christian lifestyle and kept a Christian worldview.

Believe it or not, with all the talk of a take over by the conservative Right it still looks like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed and John McCain will all get reelected and stay in power. With that information in mind, how much do Americans really care that they have allowed socialist idealists to reshape America into their ideal of America being a secondary colony on the world collective ant farm?

Do you really think that any House and Senate elected in 2010 will get us out of this economic slump and create more real jobs with less national debt? If so, you are also living in some fantasy-land. That simply is not going to happen. Much more likely by 2011 we will be dealing with a rapidly falling dollar, terrorism, inflation in imports and necessities of life and deflation on most American investments. As fatalistic as this sounds, by next summer I think their will be riots in our cites, another Middle East war that we will be involved in and almost dictatorial control of the people of America by our government.

Men of integrity are really getting hard to find in this nation but even good men that do nothing too keep a system of government where moral laws and justice prevails are rather useless. We will fall into tyranny because most Americans are now entangled in their own various sins and everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. Most are worshiping idols in Washington, Hollywood, New York and various images on electronic screens. Few of those that even call themselves Christians are following the words of God. Many go to a service on Sunday morning but for most that is the extent of their Christian service for the week. Dying with Christ and living for Christ is just a cliché in mostly sorry apathetic Protestant (SAP’s) and CINO’s (Catholics in name only) “Christian” America. That is just the plain truth of the matter. So if you think correction is not coming to this kind of Christianity in America you are living in denial.

Take a clear look at the Middle East and you will see that the handwriting is already on the Wailing Wall and the words on the wall also contain a message for America. We will be involved in another war before or during 2011. There are 50,000 missiles pointing at Israel right now and they are in the hands of radical Muslims that have been bred to hate Israel. Some of those missiles contain chemical weapons. Syria might even use biological weapons. The leadership of Iran have a martyr disorder that makes them suicidal. They are intentionally creating an impossible situational for Israel – forcing a war – thinking that some Mahdi myth will save Iran from the West and make all the world convert to their concept of Islam.

The leader of Egypt will be dead in months from cancer so one of the few voices of reason that have influence in the Middle East will soon be out of the picture. Radicals will soon call the shots in Egypt if not outright take over the nation. There is a similar situation in Saudi Arabia. The royal family is really getting old and royal family control is not likely much longer unless they do exactly what the Islamic radicals tell them to do. And believe me, the Islamic radicals in Saudi Arabia are every bit as nuts and demonic as the cult that is running Iran.

So we do see a situation in the next year or two where the war of Psalm 83 becomes almost a certainty. Probably Israel’s actions against Hezbollah and Hamas and Lebanon will be the trigger that brings the Arab Confederacy to call for a united front to cut off Israel from being a nation. Today we see that all the nations mentioned in Psalm 83 are armed and are ready to war against Israel. So Israel will be in action very soon. If you are expecting some peace agreement to come to the rescue and settle the issues of hate in the Middle East go hold hands with Jimmy Carter and whistle with him past the graveyard.

I do not know what happens to Iran during the coming war. They are not involved in the imminent psalm 83 war. So either we take them out or their own people revolt and keep Iran out of the Psalm 83 conflict. Iran comes against Israel later with Russia in the war described in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 but that is a different war and a more future war. The nations in that war are not the Arab nations surrounding Israel. Something obviously takes these nations out of the picture first.

All Israel ever wanted since it was reborn as a state in the Middle East was peace. Nevertheless, you can be sure that Israel and America will be blamed by the ruling elite of the world for the troubled days that lie ahead for the world. I think we will soon see outright hatred for Jews and also for Christians that take Bible prophecy about Israel and the return of Jesus to Israel literally. This will force what is left of America to distance themselves from Israel setting the stage for the Ezekiel 38 war led by Russia.

My point is that it is very evident that war is coming in the Middle East and if you do not think that will effect your lifestyle in America you are in for a rude awaking very soon. There will be much terrorism in the United States and riots and martial law. There will be inflation, rationing and price controls. There will be compulsory service and there will be a dictatorial government in America whether the Left retains control or the Right gains control through a coup. With the level of apathy, misguidance and brainwashing displayed among our (SAP’s) and (CINO’S). I really do not think any real change for the better in America with morality and justice will be coming via ballots of an immoral people. Troubled days lie lie ahead for America the handwriting is already on the Middle East Wailing Wall.
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