March 23, 2011

A View of the NWO War Room

By Zen Gardner,
March 22, 2011

Notice their 'world of war' is played on a Masonic checkerboard of 'opposites'

Nothing like a map to know where you're going. In the case of the NWO, the world is like a chess game, where they move all the major pieces and just crush the pawns that get in the way.

But if you want to know what's coming, look how clearly things appear when you can assess where power is placed. Here are a few things I found enlightening when looking at the global positioning of the invading US arm of the NWO, precursor of the Army of the "United Nations".

1. The official statistics:

The U.S. maintains 716 operational military bases in 110 countries. There are 250,000 military personnel, men and women, employed on those bases. The annual cost of the US military presence is in the billions.

The sweep of history:

WW II ends, and the U.S. corporate elite sees its future in the war industry, an endless production of bigger and more destructive arsenals. A good pretext is the threat from the USSR, the escalation of fear, the arms race, the creation of the “communist menace.”

Always, there is the need for an enemy (Castro, Ho Chi MInh); after glasnost, new enemies are found: Chavez, Iran, drugs, then Al Qaeda and terrorism. Source

2. Now let's see where the U.S. air and military bases are in the middle east.

That doesn't look good for Iran now, does it...

Over 50 U.S. reported airbases in this vicinity alone...and this was in 2008!

3. Here's a map indicating which countries have one or more full fledged military bases.

U.S. military bases circa 2008

4. This map shows what it calls "Obama's big game".

We know he's just a puppet, but they revel in exalting images since that's what they'll ultimately set up for the world to worship in some form.

This is supposed to represent regional powers in the Middle East, the countries hosting US bases, those with nuclear power capability, as well as the "core of the Pakistan match and the strategic crisis ellipse."

Again, doesn't look real good for Iran. One just might get the impression this "encircling power" would very much like that last piece of this regional pie now, wouldn't you?

So Why Haven't They?

Iran claims this would happen if attacked:

Official Says Iran Would Destroy Israel If Attacked

Iran tested missiles this week

Iran tested missiles this week

July 12, 2008

TEHRAN -- Iran would destroy Israel and 32 U.S. military bases in the Middle East if the Islamic republic was attacked over its disputed nuclear program, a senior official has been quoted as saying.

"The U.S. knows full well that with the smallest move against Iran, Israel and 32 U.S. military bases in the region would not be out of the reach of our missiles and would be destroyed," the semi-official Fars news agency quoted Mojtaba Zolnour as saying on July 12.

Zolnour is the deputy of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's representative in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards. Source

And then there's the Israeli factor...what are they giving away in visual maps?

A little predictive programming, bra? Oh, how many are itching for this insanity!


An Iran attack may be the "straw that breaks the camel's back" that brings Russia and China into the fray. Not good for anyone on the planet. WW3 on steroids.

But things are moving fast. They're currently busy taking out the little dominoes first in Egypt and Libya, with more to follow for whatever reason, "by hook or by crook", you can be sure. It's been "in the cards" for a long time to the insiders.

But this is big.

The day will very soon come for an Iran attack, but it's clear they're getting their ducks in a row while working on world opinion to reach a satisfactory saturation of their propaganda.

As if it matters.

That they coerced the Arab League, a once "renegade anti-imperialist" organization, to concur with the invasion of a fellow Arab country, you knew they'd made some serious headway replacing, bullying and buying out Arab leaders of the region. Very telling of what lies beneath the surface of reported news.

The headway the NWO has made is staggering.

The rest is going to follow 'like night follows day', an apt metaphor.

Just wondering about it all, Zen

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