December 11, 2014

BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China Combined) is an Acronym First Used in a Goldman Sachs Report from 2003, Which Speculated That by 2050 These Four Economies Would Be Wealthier Than Most of the Current Major Economic Powers

Brazil, Russia, India and China

BRIC - an acronym for the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China combined. The general consensus is that the term was first prominently used in a Goldman Sachs report from 2003, which speculated that by 2050 these four economies would be wealthier than most of the current major economic powers.

Russia, China Hold Joint Military Exercise
Trilateral Alliance with Russia and China - India’s Only Option
Friendship with India, China to be Russia's Priority
Russia to Boost Economic Ties with India, China
China, Russia Seek 'Multi-polar World'
Brazil, Russia Want Summit with India, China
Brazil As a New Kind of Oil Giant
Farming Superpower Brazil Spreads its Know-how
GM to Use Bailout Billion to Invest in Brazil

The BRIC thesis posits that China and India will become the world's dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services, respectively, while Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials. It's important to note that the Goldman Sachs thesis isn't that these countries are a political alliance (like the European Union) or a formal trading association - but they have the potential to form a powerful economic bloc. BRIC is now also used as a more generic marketing term to refer to these four emerging economies.

Due to lower labor and production costs, many companies also cite BRIC as a source of foreign expansion opportunity.

APEC Economist: India and China Key
China, India, Russia and Brazil currently have the world's largest cash reserves and at the G-20 summit in November 2008 they demanded a greater say in world economic and political forums.

Joe Biden: Russia, India, China - "The Real War"
According to Biden, the wars of the Bush administration were the wrong ones, and the Obama administration will unchain the real war: the war to confront the emergence of Russia, India and China. The war, the real war, will have to be waged in Afghanistan/Pakistan - exactly the area where it will be more disruptive for the feared Russia-India-China challenge.

Obama and the World Crisis: Western Drive Toward World Domination
By the end of the Bush administration, Obama, in his presidential campaign, was calling for escalation of the conflict in Afghanistan, possibly intended by the script writers as a flanking movement to cut off Russia from Iran. This appears to be the start of the final Western assault on South Asia - Pakistan in particular is now high on the list of U.S. targets, with Obama saying he will send in U.S. forces whenever warranted.

The Cost of Hegemony Is Beyond Reach
The U.S. government has managed to start a new cold war with Russia.
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