September 6, 2010

Israel, Britain, the U.S., and the Arab World

Prosecute Tony Blair for War Crimes

The Stark Raving Viking
August 21, 2010

Colonization of other countries is illegal occupation. It is a war crime. Torture is a war crime. Plain and simple, Tony Blair and George W. Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes. The US is the most powerful country in the world; this should not exempt its leaders from prosecution for committing crimes. It is amazing that the majority of the American people believe the crap reporting of the mainstream media. The below video tells the truth.

Riz Khan - The Last US Combat Forces in Iraq

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AlJazeeraEnglish | August 21, 2010

US combat forces have left Iraq, but who should be held accountable for the invasion and occupation that has left hundreds of thousands dead? Veteran investigative journalist John Pilger joins the show to discuss.

US Troops are being replaced by mercenaries paid with US tax dollars, so this is just bait and switch.

Kill Teams, Scalpel Operations

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RTAmerica | August 20, 2010

US Special Forces around the Middle East are given no restrictions when they are on a mission to capture or kill their target. The Cold War is gone but the legacy lives on through the CIA Secret operations. United States servicemen and women who are not in Special Ops have to be on their best behavior when working with the local population of Afghanistan. Why the need for these "Capture Kill Teams"?

The US intelligence community uses cellphone GPS to target individuals on their "Blacklist," and they kill them. Killer drone and unmanned airplanes are used. So are missiles and other means. Citizens in the US can be targeted using such methods just for speaking out. Most aren't so openly killed in the US when on the secret-police-arrest-on-sight enemies list; they're just railroaded to prison to rot, their lives ruined forever. Taxpayers fund their own abuse and enslavement; and they are literally paying for an out of control government bent on torturing people, raping, robbing, beating and killing.

Governments Subject to the People

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RTAmerica| August 19, 2010

The SPLC says a group of American citizens feel they have no obligation to obey the laws of the United States, especially laws imposed by the Federal Government. A new study found out that this movement has already about three hundred thousand strong and is growing. Robert Kelly says that as the historical reference says they live above government and it's about recognizing that people are the government.

Blair Cancels Book-signing Over Protests

September 6, 2010

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday he had canceled a book-signing in London this week to mark the launch of his memoirs, over fears the event would be hit by protests.

Three people were arrested after eggs and shoes were thrown at Blair, 57, as he arrived to sign copies of "A Journey" at a bookshop in Dublin on Saturday and some of the 200 protesters clashed with police.

No injuries were reported and the missiles did not hit Blair.

Anti-war campaigners and the far-right British National Party had said they would protest on Wednesday at the Waterstone's branch in Piccadilly in central London over Blair's decision to join the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.
"I have decided not to go ahead with the signing as I don't want the public to be inconvenienced by the inevitable hassle caused by protestors," Blair said in a statement on his website.

"I know the Metropolitan Police would, as ever, have done a superb job in managing any disruption but I do not wish to impose an extra strain on police resources, simply for a book-signing."
He said he would sign books for Waterstone's which would be available from the store on Thursday.
"I'm really sorry for those -- as ever the majority -- who would have come to have their books signed by me in person. I hope they understand."
Tight security had already been planned for the event, with all bags and mobile phones to have been checked in beforehand.

In his memoirs, Blair -- now an envoy for the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers, the United States, Russia, the EU and the United Nations -- said he could have not have imagined what he called the "nightmare" that unfolded in Iraq.

He also echoed previous statements that the 2003 invasion was justified because Saddam Hussein posed a threat and could have developed weapons of mass destruction.

Speaking to media on Monday, Blair said the book was selling "fantastically" well, although he is also facing an internet campaign which has been set up to try to disrupt sales.

A group set up on the social networking site Facebook is calling for people to move copies into the "crime" section of bookstores.
"Make bookshops think twice about where they categorize our generations (sic) greatest war criminal," said the campaign, which has attracted almost 7,000 members.

Shoes, Eggs Hurled at Tony Blair in Dublin

In his first live television interview promoting his book, "A Journey," on Friday, Tony Blair brushed off the opposition he faces from anti-war campaigners for leading Britain alongside the United States into the 2003 Iraq war. "One of the first things that you learn in politics is that those who shout most don't deserve necessarily to be listened to most. Everyone should be listened to equally, irrespective of the volume of noise," he told Irish state television RTE. - Protesters in Ireland Pelt Blair at Book Signing,, September 4, 2010

The Associated Press
September 4, 2010

Protesters hurled shoes and eggs at Tony Blair who held the first public signing of his memoir amid high security in Ireland's capital. Hundreds more people lined up to have their books autographed - evidence that the divisions left by Blair's decade as British leader have yet to heal.

Blair's new book, "A Journey," is a best-seller, but it has angered opponents of his policies, especially the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

About 200 demonstrators chanted that Blair had "blood on his hands" as the former prime minister arrived at a Dublin bookstore Saturday. Shoes, eggs and other projectiles were thrown toward Blair as he emerged from a car, but did not hit him. A flip-flop could be seen lying on the roof of a BMW in Blair's motorcade.

Security was tight, with book buyers - who appeared to outnumber the protesters by about two to one - told to hand over bags and mobile phones before entering Eason's bookstore on O'Connell Street, Dublin's main shopping thoroughfare.

There were scuffles between police and demonstrators when some tried to force their way through the security cordon. Two protesters were bundled into the back of a security van. Several demonstrators, including one wheelchair user, laid themselves in the van's path, and riot police were brought in to remove them.

Police said four men were arrested and charged with public order offenses.

Blair spent about two hours in the store before emerging to more shouts, boos and hurled eggs. He was quickly driven away, as a police helicopter circled overhead.
"Blair took the world to war in Iraq and Afghanistan on the basis of lies," protester Donal MacFhearraigh said. He said Blair should be indicted as a war criminal.
Another protester, 24-year-old Kate O'Sullivan, said she was taken away by security guards after approaching Blair in the store and trying to perform a citizen's arrest.

Confrontation erupted again once Blair had left, as police stopped demonstrators from entering the bookstore. Many of the demonstrators then marched to the police station where those arrested were being held to continue their protest there.

Despite the protests, Blair is popular with many in Ireland for his role in forging the 1998 Good Friday peace accord in Northern Ireland, and several hundred people lined up in the rain to have their copies of "A Journey" autographed.
"I appreciate what he did for Irish politics, particularly along the border.

"That's why I've come," retiree Maureen Hedderman told the Press Association news agency.
Released this week, "A Journey" is Amazon's best-selling title in Britain, and has climbed into the top 10 on the online retailer's U.S. chart.

Blair was paid a 4 million pound ($7 million) advance for the memoir, which mounts a strong defense of his policies during his years as prime minister from 1997 to 2007, including the invasion of Iraq.

Blair says in the book that he is not sorry for his decision to enter the U.S.-led war, although he has wept for its victims. He is donating all proceeds from the book to a charity for wounded troops.

In an interview aired Saturday, Blair rejected claims that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan had increased Muslim radicalization, saying "wicked and backward-looking" radical Islam is the greatest threat to global security.

Blair told the BBC World Service "the biggest threat in international security is this broader radicalized movement, because I think it is rather similar to revolutionary communism."

He said al-Qaida-linked extremism was "loosely a global ideological movement, but Iran is a state sponsor of it."

Tony Blair Memoirs: We Must Be Prepared for an Attack on Iran

London Telegraph
September 1, 2010

The international community has to be prepared to take military action against Iran if the regime develops a nuclear weapon, Tony Blair has said in an interview to promote his memoirs, A Journey.

He said it was ''wholly unacceptable'' for Tehran to seek a nuclear weapons capability and insisted there could be ''no alternative'' to military force ''if they continue to develop nuclear weapons''.

Speaking to BBC journalist Andrew Marr, Mr Blair said:
''I am saying that I think it is wholly unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapons capability and I think we have got to be prepared to confront them, if necessary militarily.

''I think there is no alternative to that if they continue to develop nuclear weapons. They need to get that message loud and clear.''
In the interview, to be shown on BBC2 on Wednesday night, Mr Blair also said he was ''desperately sorry'' for the relatives of those killed in Iraq but insisted leaving Saddam Hussein in power would have been a ''bigger risk'' to security than removing him.

He was ''sorry for the lives cut short'' but did not regret the decision to go to war.

Israeli Official Declares: 'We're Preparing for War'

By WorldNetDaily
August 22, 2010

While Israel is hoping for a peaceful resolution to Iran's nuclear ambitions, the Jewish state is also preparing for "a time of war," declared a Knesset member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud party.
"We are prepared for all risks," said Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon. "And I think our enemies should know that even though we are speaking of peace, we are getting ready for a time of war, as well."
Danon, the deputy speaker of Israel's parliament, was speaking in a radio interview with WND senior reporter Aaron Klein, who hosts an investigative program on New York's WABC 770 AM Radio.

Danon hinted that Israel may take action if the world does not stop the Iranian nuclear threat, recalling Israel's lone strike on Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981.

Stated Danon:
"We are ready for all scenarios, and we are able to defend our civilian population. I cannot tell you how long we can wait more. But we prefer to wait and see if the international bodies are acting, or [whether] it will be only the burden of Israel, like it was in the early '80s, when the great leader, Menachem Begin, [made] the great decision to bomb the nuclear reactor in Iraq."
Audio of the interview by Aaron Klein can be heard below:

Despite his assertion that Jerusalem is preparing to act alone, Danon stressed that Iran is an international concern. He called on the Western world to "take action" against Iran's suspected illicit nuclear program.

"I think we have to take action," he said. "It's about time to take action. It should be the international world and not only Israel. And I expect the administration in the White House to wake up as soon as possible."
Discover just how much danger the Holy Land is in with Aaron Klein's "The Late Great State of Israel."

Danon said he is concerned the international community has not been forceful enough in its policies toward Iran.
"What we see today is that the Russians, the Americans, the Europeans all say they are worried about Iran becoming nuclear, but in fact Iran is working full ahead, and it's only a matter of months or a year before they will be reaching the point of no return," he said.
Danon stated that any future military confrontation against Iran "should be an international effort."
"We don't want this to be a war of Jews against Muslims. It should be a war of Western civilization [against] Iran," he said.

"The threat of Iran becoming nuclear is a threat for the people who live in the U.S., Europe and Israel." he said. "No one can guarantee that Iran will use its power only against Israel."

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