February 3, 2011

Afghanistan-Pakistan Conflict

Pakistan Military Bombs Afghanistan

February 3, 2011

Pakistani forces have bombarded residential areas and police checkpoints in eastern Afghanistan one day after Afghan and Pakistani troops exchanged fire across border, a top Afghan official says.

Major General Aminullah Amarkhel, commander of first zone of border force in eastern Afghanistan, said Pakistani jets targeted the areas in Gushte district in Nangarhar province on Thursday, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Pakistani troops also attacked residential areas and government buildings in the area, damaging two police checkpoints in the Thursday attack, according to the report.

The aerial and ground assaults have left no casualties, General Amarkhel went on to say.

The Afghan official condemned the attacks and warned that Afghan forces would respond to them if repeated.

On Wednesday, one Pakistani soldier was killed and three others were left injured after Afghan and Pakistani troops exchanged fire across the border.

The two sides blame each other for provoking the shootout in North Waziristan's Ghulam Khan District.

Afghan and Pakistani border troops have previously exchanged fire.

The incident was the most serious cross-border clash since May 2007, when clashes between Afghan and Pakistani troops left three civilians and a police officer dead.

Afghan and Western officials say Taliban militants hiding in Pakistan's border areas are behind the attacks inside Afghanistan.

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