January 20, 2012

U.S. and Iran on Collision Course

U.S. and Iran on Collision Course

Around the World
January 19, 2012

This week, America and Iran appear to be on a collision course over Iran's nuclear program, and there is fear that this war of words could lead to a real war.

Iran blames the United States and Israel for last weeks murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist, the fifth assassination of of an Iranian nuclear scientist is the last five years.

And while Secretary of State Clinton and Secretary of Defense Panetta vehemently deny any U.S. involvement, Iran swore revenge at the scientists funeral.

On this episode of Around the World, Christiane Amanpour welcomes former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jamie Rubin, who is also Ms. Amanpour's husband, to discuss where the tension and distrust comes from and whether anything can be done to fix it.

Mr. Rubin believes the basis of the conflict is the combination of Iran's deep rooted distrust of the U.S., and stiff western sanctions over Iran's nuclear program.

However, Mr. Rubin believes that while it would be difficult,

"Iran is right at the heart of multiple American interests and cooperation with Iran could serve our goals".

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