April 24, 2009

Iran-Russia-China-N.Korea-Venezuela-Cuba Alliance

An American Warning: China-Russia-Iran-N.Korea-Venezuela-Cuba

By Kim Myong-chol, An Amercian Warning
Originally Published on July 7, 2007

In light of the topic and the many aspects of this topic that I can talk about, I’m going to try and keep this to the point. After evaluating many different aspects of our “terrorist” problem… I thought I might share the fact that I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


Lately, you might have heard about North Korea’s sudden change of heart when it comes to shutting down their nuclear ambitions. They were so hard pressed to make sure this continued. And then out of nowhere, they decide to change their minds. First of all, I’m not buying it.

July 6, 2007, Reuters reported that North Korea has tested at least three short-range missiles over the past month, in what a U.S. expert has said were successful launches of an advanced weapon, adding to regional fears after it tested its first nuclear weapon last year. "In particular, North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile problems are becoming even more serious," the Defense Ministry said in its first annual paper since being upgraded from an agency in January.

And the words “more serious” should be examined by everyone. Just because all of the sudden North Korea says they are going to shut down their nuclear facilities doesn’t mean that Jong Il still isn’t a crazy dictator. It only means that they have a back up plan for their problems. Its zig n’ zag. We think they “zig” when really it’s a “zag.” One of the oldest tricks in the book.

That being said… I think it might be the time to point out some of the words of North Korea. Kim Myong Chol ("Unofficial" spokesman of Kim Jong-Il and North Korea.) said that “war is coming to American soil.”

Some might ask why would Kim Jong-Il be so anxious for such a battle. Ever since the Korean War, North Korea has been extremely bitter with the United States for separating the north and the south. Kim Jong Il wants to bring together North and South Korea under the umbrella of a confederated state.

A North Korean newspaper stated the following in 2005:
“Unlike all the previous wars Korea fought, a next war will be better called the American War or the DPRK-US War because the main theater will be the continental US, with major cities transformed into towering infernos. The DPRK is now the fourth-most powerful nuclear weapons state just after the US, Russia, and China.”
When President George W. Bush agreed on the 2009 transfer of wartime operational control over South Korean forces to the South Korean president, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld signaled the withdrawal of US troops with combat troops relocated from the front line to bases behind Seoul.

In North Korean words (same NK article):
“The title "the greatest iron-willed, brilliant commander" is reserved for Kim Jong-Il, who has led tiny North Korea to acquire the most coveted membership of the elite nuclear club, braving all the nuclear war threats, sanctions and isolation efforts on the part of the US. It is little short of a miracle that the leader has outmaneuvered and out powered the Bush administration against heavy odds.”

But the article continues: “Revealing are headlines of New York Times articles. One op-ed on February 9, 2005, by Nicholas Kristof, is headlined "Bush Bites His Tongue." The article says:
"There are two words the Bush administration doesn't want you to think about: North Korea. That's because the most dangerous failure of US policy these days is in North Korea. President Bush has been startlingly passive as North Korea has begun churning out nuclear weapons like hot cakes."
The fact is that the nuclear-armed North Korea is a major boon to China and Russia. Nuclear-armed, both Russia and China are friendless in case of war with the United States. The US has nuclear-armed allies, such as the UK, Israel and France. The Americans have a network of military bases around many countries, while both China and Russia have none with the exception of Iran, who will be ready in a matter of months.

The presence of a mighty nuclear weapons state in Korea should be most welcome to Russia and China. China has every reason to welcome a nuclear-armed North Korea, whatever it may say in public. The nuclear deterrence of North Korea is a major factor in reducing US military pressure on China on the question of the independence of Taiwan.


"There are fears about the lack of transparency concerning China's military strength," a Japanese paper said, echoing similar sentiments expressed by its close regional security partner, Australia, in a paper published the previous day.
"In January this year China used ballistic missile technology to destroy one of its own satellites. There was insufficient explanation from China, sparking concern in Japan and other countries about safety in space as well as the security aspects," the paper said.
What’s important to note here is the roll that China plays and has been playing for sometime now. First of all, China could probably end the United States by the click of a button by simply letting go of all the American money they currently have. If they just let it go, it would probably bust our economic bubble in a matter of weeks. Many people who don’t believe that say “they need us too much.”

I would respond with “like hell they do.” China wants to be a world power. They pretty much are. They have an enormous population problem and, if I need to remind you, they are communists. They deal with the United States because we give them money. Furthermore, they are pretty much in bed with Russia, as established before. They buy so much of their military equipment from Russia… ships, bombs, subs, etc. In fact, they have similar designs in firearms; and I have a theory about that.
If you were a nation aligned with another… and you were eventually going to invade some other country together… wouldn’t it make sense to have almost identical weapons? I mean, if a soldier from one nation fell and a soldier from the other nation had to acquire his supplies… wouldn’t it make sense that the supplies would fit soldier two’s gear and equipment? Just a thought.
Furthermore, China isn’t exactly an ally of the United States. You might recall the fact that several times over the last 10 years, China has been buying military and intelligence secrets from double ops. In 2003, the Asia Times commented on the belief that China and the United States are in some sort of secret Cold War.

And as I stated earlier… Taiwan is an ally of the United States. US policy toward Taiwan is a serious concern for China. From Washington's standpoint, how to enable Taiwan to defend itself against growing Chinese military coercion remains a critical component of overall US strategy in East Asia. That strategy envisages strong alliance relationships, forward US military presence, and forestalling the rise of any major power that may challenge vital US interests. Within this broader context, the ability and resolve to help Taiwan defend itself not only fulfills key US obligations and commitments under the Taiwan Relations Act, but also demonstrates the resolve and credibility of the United States stance on China “acquiring” Taiwan back for its own.


Russia and United States have had a sketchy relationship for years. Russia only recently became a “democratic” nation and its current leader—President Putin—is a former KGB operative. KGB agents, just about the most communist outlaws to grace this planet. Personally, I don’t trust them; and in light of their extreme opposition to a European shield, and their gracious help in building nuclear facilities in Iran, the line is pretty clear where they fall concerning US interests. Additionally, it should also be noted that Russia has strong alliances with China, Venezuela and Cuba.

So now we have established a Russian/China/North Korean alliance of some sort. But we are forgetting a couple of heavy hitters here.


Iran has been saying for some time now that they would love to see the end of the United States as well as Israel, a close ally to the US. Furthermore, Iran has stated that “soon the world will witness the destruction of the Zionist regime.”

These statements are hard to ignore considering the advancing programs of Iran’s nuclear ambitions that is only aided (if not started) by the Russians. But why would Russia help the Iranians… well I would answer for the same reason why China turns its head to North Koreas little endeavor. It will ease pressure off of them while they develop intercontinental ballistic missiles against treaties already set in place… but I digress.

Iran says that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. I personally find that hard to believe considering the fact that they undermine American forces everyday by training and supplying insurgents, and hold weekly rallies where the primary message is “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

Iran has stated that the war is coming and their nation is acting accordingly. Men, women and children are preparing for the US invasion. And so they should, because they only continue to advance their nuclear ambitions while the United States is doing everything it can to reduce the number of nuclear weapons around the world. Iran is a severe issue no matter which way you cut the butter. This is totally recognized if you listen to the words of their leaders that are defiant in the face of UN sanctions and things of the sort. I could go on about Iran for days…

But then the issue becomes the alliances with Iran. It’s obvious that Russia has their's, but what about those alliances that hit a little closer to home?


Chavez has campaigned energetically to raise Venezuela's profile and counter what he calls US hegemony. He has already visited Iran and Belarus, which are sharply at odds with the United States; and he has formed “Anti-American” pacts with Iran, saying that the two oil rich nations could destroy the United States. This is something to consider being that Venezuela has already made alliances with North Korea.

Venezuela and North Korea are seeking stronger diplomatic ties as they move ahead with a plan to open embassies in Caracas and Pyongyang, the vice president of North Korea's parliament said (according to the Associated Press). Deputy Foreign Minister William Izarra received Yang Hyong Sop in Caracas and discussed the possibility of energy cooperation between Venezuela, the world's fifth largest oil exporter, and North Korea. "Opening embassies in our countries will create the possibility of further strengthening our relations," said Hyong Sop, according to a statement released by Venezuela's foreign ministry.

Since taking office in 1999, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has reached out to establish ties with African and Asian countries while relations with the United States have grown tense. Chavez, a self-proclaimed "revolutionary" with close ties to Cuban leader Fidel Castro, says his government is establishing what he calls "21st-century Socialism" in this South American country.

So now we have established ties between Iran and Venezuela. Now we need to look at the next connection.


Cuba is roughly 95 miles away from the United States. Cuba, being a very outspoken anti-American country, has strong ties with Venezuela. The main problem here is that Cuba could potentially be a staging point for ANY anti-American regime. Enough said.


So let’s break this down.

  • North Korea is very anti-American and has ties with Venezuela, Iran, China and, by way of China, Russia.
  • Iran is backed and supported by North Korea and Venezuela, and gets its nuclear “help” from Russia. Additionally, Iran (through North Korea and Russia) would have support from China.
  • China and the United States are having more and more problems everyday.
  • Russia and United States are having more and more problems everyday.
  • Russia develops a new intercontinental ballistic missile against treaty (and in secret); then announces to the world that they have a missile that can defeat ANY shield; then states that they want to “re-negotiate” the treaty and that if we don’t want to come to the table, they are just going to walk away from the whole thing.
  • Then after Bush states that he wants to build a shield over Europe to protect our allies from Iran, Russia all of the sudden has a huge problem with it. Find that fishy?
  • It's obvious that the US and Iran don't get along, and that the US and North Korea don't get along, and anyone who pays attention to the news knows that the US doesn't get along with Cuba or Venezuela that well.
  • Let’s not forget the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was spawned from Russia during President Kennedy’s time in office. Once again, Cuba is very anti-American.
And all of these nations would benefit in full to see the United States fall from grace, because then they would be a world power and their influence would dominate the globe much as the United States has for the last 200 years or so.

So here is a scenario. Considering that the IAEA has stated that Iran is under a year away from nuclear power (atomic weapons) and considering the fact that the president of Iran has stated that the world will see the destruction of Israel very soon… I present the following…

Iran nukes Israel. The United States would in turn come down on Iran. Russia would in turn come down on the United States. The United States returns. China steps in to help Russia. Britain would have no choice at this point but to step in and help the United States. Venezuela would invade the US from the south because we will, at that point, be attacking all of their “friends” and using Cuba as a staging point, as well as Mexico (considering our border situation). North Korea will have already launched against Japan, South Korea and Australia, which would keep our allies in that part of the world pretty busy but would also split China’s resources, considering that they help their friends to their south.

From there it’s hard to say, as far as I’m concerned. If anything was left, it would pretty much be a free for all. The scary thing is, it doesn’t seem too hard to believe. The sad thing is that many Americans can’t see this threat and refuse to see it. They want to continue helping out the enemy by living in this “nothing can hurt us” world and trying to aide the enemy by crying about all of the “innocent” people who might die during war. I say “innocent” because I’m sure the majority of the “innocent” people are not all that innocent.

China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and many more… hate you for everything you stand for. It’s not just our president. It’s our flag, it’s our freedoms, it’s our values, and more.

The war with Iran is coming. THEY are making sure of it. I only pray that people can heed this American Warning and not be blind sighted when it goes down.

Anyway… I could go on and on… and probably will as soon as I write the outline. I just think it’s important to know that alliances have been made and our problems don’t rest in the hands of one nation. The picture is bigger than that.

Things to know:

Distance from Cuba to Florida – roughly 95 miles
Distance from Cuba and Venezuela – roughly 848 miles
Distance from Iran to Israel – roughly 988

2004—Iran – 350,000 active troops with 12,285,000 available
2005—Venezuela – 100,000 active troops with 4,907,947 available

Kim Myong-chol is author of a number of books and papers in Korean, Japanese and English on North Korea. He is executive director of the Center for Korean-American Peace. He has a PhD from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Academy of Social Sciences and is often called an "unofficial" spokesman of Kim Jong-il and North Korea.

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