April 26, 2009

Venezuela: Model for 21st Century Socialism

Venezuela: Model for 21st Century Socialism

In December 2007, a wide-ranging constitutional referendum to intensify Venezuela's move toward socialism and to enable Chávez to serve indefinitely as president was narrowly defeated. Chávez has clearly announced his intentions: to continue transforming Venezuela into a model for socialism in the 21st century. And unlike spurious accusations in the U.S. that an expansion in healthcare is a step away from democracy, a very real shift towards socialism is under way in Venezuela. Major elements of the country's economy are already under state control.

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“The Venezuelan oligarchy and multinational companies still have a firm grip over the mass media, private industry and the banking system. They use their ownership of these key levers in society in order to sabotage the will of the majority and plot another reactionary coup...” - Grant-Woods, “Venezuelan Revolution in Danger,” 2004

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